Kangar & Hat Yai

I guess you can see from my previous posts on Hat Yai on where to go. I was in Hat Yai end of last month. The family went there after all of us attended our cousin sister’s graduation from Universiti Malaysia Perlis in Kangar. Kangar itself is quite a dead town. But it has breathtaking scenes. This is where the local Chinese production filmed their movie – Tian Tian Hao Tian. I’ve been to Kangar twice – once during a short holiday sometime this year and last month, was my second time. So, I get to witness two scenes – once with the vast green paddy fields and the second time, harvesting – where all paddy had been harvested and second time, only left plots of watery and muddy lands. I guess if you want to see Kangar, you have to see it when the paddy are still green or ripening.

Sunset at Kg. Wai, Kangar, Perlis

The set where local production shot the movie, “Tian tian hao tian”

Sunset at Kg. Wai, Kangar, Perlis

What I want to highlight this time, is the Hat Yai night market, I believed is called Suntisuk Night Market. I think I haven’t been there eventhough I’ve been to Hat Yai twice. Both times, we were too busy watching Simon Cabaret or Thai Girl show. Haha. Well, this time round, we didn’t intend to watch any shows so our driver took us to the night market. If you look at the map, the market is rather near Lee Gardens Hotel. Two blocks away. Here -especially girls, you will go CRAAZZZZYYYYY over shopping. Even my sister – the most thrifty among us went crazy. She ended buying two pairs of shoes – one for only 100 baht and 130 baht, some clothes for Ern Ern and Sasha. As for my cousin sisters – they went crazy buying dresses at only 99 baht each! However, for dresses, you couldn’t try though so you have to estimate if you could wear the dresses or not. As for me, sure no size lah. Haha. So I just bought 6 pairs of slippers (Ranging from 49 baht to 79 baht each!) and a small bag for 150 baht which is now my favorite bag. I kinda regret for not buying more though!

The Elephant temple, Hat Yai

Other than dresses, shoes and girly stuffs, you can also get a tattoo here, phone accessories at really dirt cheap prices, pets (though I don’t think you can get them out undetected.. also, I do not support buying pets, adopt them!), etc. Another thing is the food being sold here! They have all sorts of food from Thai to Western to Japanese. They have stalls of pretty little sushis on sale. We ended eating chicken rice – sold by a Muslim lady. The chicken was crispy and nice! We also went to try other stalls of food – pork rice with siew yok. We could have spent more time here.

The temple on highest point in Hat Yai

Another place you should be shopping is at the Tesco Lotus. You wouldn’t believe that the groceries there – biscuits, instant noodles, canned food, etc were so much cheaper. If you like bread sticks, they have other flavors as well which we couldn’t find here in KL. I love Meiji Panda vanilla biscuits, if not mistaken, in KL, it’s priced about RM3.50 per packet. But in Hat Yai’s Tesco, you can get it for only 19 baht. So you imagine how crazy we went in Tesco. Even aunty-ish stuffs like washing detergent and fabric softener are dirt cheap! The only thing we regretted is we didn’t drive a lorry to Padang Besar to cart all our things back to KL! Haha! I told my friends, in Hat Yai, not only you will go shopping.. you will go sapu-shopping! Everything on the shelf – you just sapu!

The floating market – Khlong Hae

Oh yes – we were staying in Kangar earlier, so we went into Hat Yai via Padang Besar’s entry point instead of the usual Sadao. Sadao is normally more packed compared to Padang Besar. In fact, I think we were the ONLY tourists when we were checking at the Padang Besar checkpoint. It was strange because we were at the check point on a Sunday morning, there weren’t many people going into Hat Yai via Padang Besar.

Another thing I want to highlight about Hat Yai is probably the chicken rice we had on the last day when we were there. It’s Jae Toi’s Hainanese Chicken Rice along along Prachatipat Road, right opposite one rather big 7-11! The chicken rice is made from Siamese fragrant rice. We doused generous servings of fried garlic onto our rice before we tucked in! It was heavenly! I think it’s open everyday from 7 am to 5 pm. Tel: 074-238915

Here’s a big map of Hat Yai for you to plan your trip. Also, check out my earlier posts on Hat Yai.

For more photos, click here.

Hot, Hot Paddy Land

Driving to Perlis is such a breeze!

The initial plan was to visit Jitra, Kedah. My cousin brother is craving for some Thai food he had back in 2006 and was adamant in finding the place. So, since his sister is studying in Perlis, he asked her to find out about this place. We drove half way past Juru towards Kedah when my cousin sister called and told us to drive up to Kangar instead where she lives. She said there is nothing much in Jitra, apart from a Siamese temple, so she told us to visit Kangar.

After about 3 hours from Taiping, we reached Changlun, and turned right into Kangar, we saw her University. Unimap, a rather new university. The town was rather deserted on 1st May 2012.

We drove around town and stopped to wait for her. She took us to her friend’s family owned restaurant, famous for paos, Kedai Khuan Bee. The paos were served piping hot! They only make paos twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Closed on Wednesdays.

If you want to order more, you have to book them in advance. They would reserve some paos for walk-in customers as it’s really silly not able to serve paos when you are operating a pao shop, right? (like that famous pao shop in Tanjung Sepat *roll eyes*). Haha! Please try the kaya paos. Instead of using chicken eggs, they used duck eggs. It taste rather special! The drinks served here are super kao and good, especially the kopi ais! Also, it seems, they also serve economy fried meehoon and noodles, as well as karipaps with pork in it! Too bad it was a busy day, so we didn’t get to sample the porky karipaps.

Random photos taken at the Tua Pek Kong temple

We visited a few spots after the late lunch, Gua Kelam where the waterfalls are and the Tua Pek Kong temple. We also passed by many sights of really vast and green paddy fields. It was quite a sight to behold!

We felt embarrassed because we weren’t prepared to visit her friend’s family so we went to the house empty handed! Mensiasuikan! And the grandmother specially bought us Kaki Bukit’s specialty – kaya kok and other assorted biscuits.

Local delights

We then visited Padang Besar. It is something like a big wet market, selling things from clothes to brooches, shoes to bags, pots and pants and food items. We went a bit crazy buying instant noodles as they were rather cheap. I managed to buy some unusual flavor (read: PORK!) and couldn’t wait to try them!

Watching sunset while waiting for food

The restaurant that my cousin wanted to dine in, is Rong Reang restaurant, situated in Jitra, Kedah. So after a short visit to the friend’s family’s house, we drove about an hour to Jitra for dinner. It was a good thing that, eventhough it was Labour Day, there were still some tables left. The Thai food served was good, but the ambience was quite off-putting. There were many “water mosquitoes” (not sure what they are called, they look like giant ants with wings!) dropping into our dishes that, the restaurant had no choice but to switch off all the lights. ! So, we had to eat in the dark.. hence no photos of food. Haha! I guess the mosquitoes came from the paddy field – as the restaurant is surrounded by paddy fields.

The day ended with a drama. Apparently, another friend was supposed to join us for dinner was ultimately late. We already finished dinner but we waited for him because we need to get a lap top from him before leaving Jitra. When he reached, we went to meet him at the car park only to find his car front, right tyre in the ditch. Haha! He didn’t see that, there’s a hole in front of the parking area and the steel covering the hole has given way. So, after spending almost 30 minutes figuring out how to get his tyre out without pulling the bumper off – which he almost did, we hit home.

Photos taken using mobile phone, uploaded via instagram.


Hello! Gong Xi Fa Cai! I just got back from my trip to Port Weld (Taiping)-Balik Pulau(Penang) -Simpang Ampat (Perlis). It was just a small gathering among close relatives. I didn’t go anywhere while I was bunking at my relatives’ place, apart from staying put in their homes, away from the scorching sun; watching DVDs upon DVDs, just to kill time.

The traffic was horrendous. I wish you people safe journey home this weekend. Drive carefully. Don’t use emergency lane, for goodness’ sake!

Here are some of the random pics I took at the 3 different places. I just need some warming up before this weekend’s Bali escapade! Getting kinda rusty for not fiddling with my camera for so long!

Left to right:

First row: Flowers in Selayang, fireworks in Port Weld, Pan Mein leaves’ flowers!

Second row: Uncle’s carpentry zone, leafy insect, white brinjal, weird vege (can be eaten – the leaves, that is) – all in Balik Pulau

Third row: Farmer neighbour, the small road towards my late grandma’s house in Balik Pulau

Fourth & fifth row: Scenery on the highway, from Simpang Ampat. Taken from a moving car. Stuck in the jam – due to a truck on fire.